I went into Nouveau Fine Arts the first night I was in Jerusalem in October, 2015.

Jeff was extremely friendly and helpful. I immediately fell in love with Avi’s art, especially the pieces on limestone.
Jeff was wonderful to show us additional pieces that Avi had done. I think I was in the store every night. Both Jeff and Avi were quick to create a piece with a particular scene, if it was requested.
Avi even came to the studio one evening and visited with us while he painted.

All in all, I told everyone in our group (48 people) about the art and believe several folks made purchases. I bought five pieces, two for me and three for gifts. I have stayed in contact with Jeff, who is absolutely wonderful to share pictures of new pieces Avi is creating.

Thank you for my beautiful pieces of art, that are wonderful memories of my trip to Israel.

Laurie Piepho
Dan Jerusalem