Art Education & Events.


We host intimate to large groups for art events.

Events are held at five star hotels, offering art appreciation education.
This could range from, "History of Art in Israel", "Expressionism and its Influence in Israeli Art" or "Modern Development of Israeli Art".

We also offer the Artist Enrichment Program, for this activity one of our top portfolio artists exhibits their artwork,
engages with the guests, participates in photos, and will even sign sold pieces.

On occasions, renowned Israeli artists will paint live at the  event.

We encourage all guests to participate in activities by giving a free piece of art as a gift.

Depending on the event, we can hold a raffle for a signed piece of work,
handing out tickets to all participating guests.

We work with multiple charitable organizations and private organizations with art contributions.

Offering our services to help with live auctions, silent auctions, and gallery sales in your hometown or on your trip abroad.

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